Teodoro Cabrilla Burgos
Building design since 1995

The Teodoro Cabrilla studio is a dream come true that arose from our vocation to create a space where we could develop a unique style.

Our studio sets a new trend on the Costa del Sol: it embodies a new, creative, contemporary architectural style that plays with volumes while using innovative materials and sustainable techniques such as bioclimatic architecture.

Teodoro Cabrilla graduated in 1992 from Seville’s Higher Technical School of Architecture and cultivated his creativity with the help of Pepe Morales.
In Marbella, Manuel Burgos revealed him a new aesthetic that helped him consolidate his professional career and his style, emerging as a valued architect.

The Teodoro Cabrilla studio responds to this desire to create new projects in which light, geometry and livability merge into open spaces: nature and man united in symbiosis.

Projects such as Reserva de Sierra Blanca, Epic, The World, Torres Picasso (in cooperation with the architect Carlos Lamela) are part of our constructions: large-scale projects with international investors.