Málaga Towers

A project of which we are co-authors with Estudio Lamela, located in the city of Malaga, is a housing project distributed in three towers with a unitary image and with an interior housing programme similar to each other. Maximum priority has been given to the orientations and sea views; an open-plan type of housing has been created, offering the living rooms and main bedrooms panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Cross ventilation is also created, which favours the sustainability and energy efficiency of the house and the whole building.

The volume of each tower creates movement in its facades by means of cantilevered landscaped terraces. These trays, which form the façades, help to protect the dwellings from the sun.

The ground floors are resolved by means of generous pergolas which, also connecting with the spaces below ground level, will create beautiful garden areas where pleasant spaces and rooms alternate, always surrounded by sheets of water.

This creates a visually calm and relaxed environment next to the entrance gates, in addition to the positive effect it will have from a climatic point of view.

The different levels intertwine with each other to give the appearance of a single space where the ground floor and the one immediately below merge to create a peaceful and attractive place.